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The Village

Exploring Gesha

The Village

Exploring Gesha

Once we located our ideal piece of land in Bench Maji on which we could build Gesha Village, we planted coffee trees, relying not just on the Gori Gesha seeds we harvested from the nearby forest, but several other local varieties.

Coffee varieties

We are currently growing a few carefully chosen coffee varieties at Gesha Village Coffee Estate:

Original Gesha

These seeds were gathered from the Gori Gesha coffee forest, located 20 kilometers from our farm. Through historic expedition research and genetic testing, this location in Gori Gesha has been determined to be the collection site of the Panamanian Geisha.

We have two varieties from this site, named after the expedition when the coffee was discovered:

Gesha 1931

This is a selection made from the diverse forest population that closely resembles the Panamanian Geisha. This selection was made by looking at the plant morphology, bean shape and size, as well as its cup profile.

Gori Gesha

This original heirloom variety replicates the genetic diversity within the Gori Gesha forest. These seeds were harvested in 2011 through our own expedition. Donec ullamcorper nulla non fringilla.

Additionally, we have one cultivar from the research center in Ethiopia:

Illubabor Forest

The selection for this disease-resistant variety was made from an expedition to the Illubabor coffee forest in 1974.


The farm is divided into 8 blocks:

Block name: Bangi
Hectare: 54
Elevation: 1911 – 2001 m
Variety:  Gori Gesha
Block name: Oma
Hectare: 67.6
Elevation: 1931 – 2040 m
Variety: Gesha 1931
Block name: Surma
Hectare: 45.9
Elevation: 1909 – 2063 m
Variety: Gesha 1931
Block name: Shewa –Jibabu
Hectare: 48.5
Elevation: 1973 – 2069 m
Variety: Gori Gesha
Block name: Shaya
Hectare: 36.5
Elevation: 1926 – 2069 m
Variety: Gori Gesha
Block name: Gaylee
Hectare: 34.8
Elevation: 1916 – 1982 m
Variety: Illubabor Forest
Block name: Narsha
Hectare: 5.3
Elevation: 1963 – 1977m
Variety: Gesha 1931
Block name: Dimma
Hectare: 28.7
Elevation: 1966 – 2019 m
Variety: Illubabor Forest

We have divided Gesha Village into eight sub-farms—which we refer to as blocks—where we track the production of our three varieties, as well as experiment with different approaches to processing and fermentation. Cherries picked from each block are tagged to indicate their origin, and through a tracking system we developed in-house, we follow their journey all the way from the mill to export.

To learn about our quality assurance protocols, please watch here:

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Farm area Hectares Elevation Variety Flavor profile Block description
Bangi 54 1,911-2,001m Gori Gesha Expressive aromas of honeysuckle and spices. Intense flavors of dark chocolate and spices infused with notes of Mexican mole, red fruit, black tea, molasses and black currant The neighborhood east of the farm called ‘Bangi-Chichuru,’ where the majority of our workers come from
Dimma 28.7 1,966-2,019m Illubabor
A lively flavor profile of coffee blossom, stone fruit, with a pointed acidity and refreshing citrus aftertaste Named after the famous gold-mining town of Dimma, which lies toward the north of the farm
Gaylee 34.8 1,916-1,982m Illubabor
A tightly knit flavor profile of fruits and spices, intense sweetness of marzipan, lemongrass, hibiscus, infused with floral notes of jasmine, and the sweetness of stone fruit The southeast-facing kebele (neighborhood) adjacent to the farm, officially named ‘Gaylee-Gesha,’ where Gesha Village’s source of water comes from, the Yetgordon river
Oma 67.6 1,931-2,040m Gesha 1931 Exotic aromas of tea rose, with the profound scent of jasmine. Delicate flavors of peach, apricot, candied fruit, melon, satsuma mandarin supported by a honey sweetness Named after the respected and loved religious leader of the Meanit people
Narsha 5.3 1,963-1,977m Gesha 1931 Honeysuckle, yellow fruit, lime, dark chocolate, peach, apricot, rose, with a clean piquant acidity, and a lingering aftertaste of bergamot This is the smallest farm block. Located in the southern area of the farm, it’s named after an indigenous tree that is prolific in the area
Surma 45.9 1,909-2,063m Gesha 1931 Soft and perfumed. Jasmine, Damascus rose, strawberry, ripe watermelon, red apple, and delicate spices Featuring breathtaking views of the valley below, this farm block is named after the pastoralist ethnic group, the Surma, who inhabit the lowlands toward the southwest
48.5 1,973-2,069m Gori Gesha Flavors laced with spices, strawberry, ripe peach, papaya, floral, dark chocolate, tamarind, orange, and bergamot Facing north, this block is named after a mountain and kebele (neighborhood) adjacent to the farm, where many of our workers come from
Shaya 36.5 1,926-2,069m Gori Gesha Delicate aromas of jasmine, bergamot, and orange. Deep flavors of dark chocolate, tangerine juice, Bing cherries, molasses, Meyer lemon,
berries, with the sweetness of red apple
Named after the tribal leader of the Meanit people who governs, advises and works with the community

Processing Types

We use several processing methods at Gesha Village Coffee Estate to bring out
the optimal flavor from our cherries. Our methods are:


This process uses the mechanical demucilager to scrub away the mucilage from the coffee cherries. The coffee then undergoes full wet fermentation, where it’s soaked for 12 to 36 hours and then channel-washed. The coffee is then shade-dried for two to three days until it reaches 30 percent moisture content, then it is sun-dried on raised African beds to 11 percent moisture. The coffee undergoes 12 to 19 total drying days in this process.


In this process, the coffee is sun-dried with the whole coffee cherry intact in thin layers on raised African beds. A parabolic plastic cover is used in the evening for increased air-flow to the coffee. The coffee undergoes 18 to 30 total drying days in the natural process.


In this type of processing, the skin of the fresh cherry is physically removed by a pulper machine without the addition of water, as with fully washed processing. After pulping, the coffee bypasses the demucilager to retain its mucilage. The coffee is then dried until it reaches 11 percent moisture content.

Plantation Facts

Harvest: Early October to
Location: Southwestern Ethiopia,
Bench Maji zone
Land: Total farm area of 471 hectares, 320 hectares
planted with coffee
Elevation: 1,909-2,069 meters above sea level
Total trees: 700,000
Preservation area: 27%
Shade: Agroforestry system with a mix of indigenous shade tree varieties
Soil: Virgin forest, brown-red loamy soil
Temperature: 9-30˚C
Wildlife: Variety of birds, wild boar, deer, cheetah, buffalo, lion, colobus monkey, hyena, porcupine, rabbit, and other endemic species

Taste & Flavor

Our Varieties

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게샤빌리지는 3개의 카테고리로 나뉘어지는데, 골드, 레드 그리고 그린라벨입니다.⁣
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  • Thanks to our dedicated export crew, this week we've exported to Korea, Malaysia, Japan and USA. Top lots arriving soon!
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LiLo Coffee Kissa 【リロ コーヒー 喫茶】 
Ethiopia Gesha Shaya 








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Huntington Station, New York
It’s only right that I dedicate my first post to one of the first beans that really BLEW my mind away. It is the epitome of #specialtycoffee. - @geshavillage from @passengercoffee - It helped jumpstart my interest in #thirdwavecoffee. Up until that point I struggled to understand what people meant when they described all these flavor notes and varieties. Coffee just tasted like coffee to me. Not this one. My pallet was blasted with all different fruits. Raspberry, peach, lemon, apple. I couldn’t believe it could taste like this. There’s a whole other world of coffee to explore. There is A LOT more to it than people realize. Some people’s thing is wine, mine is coffee. I’m passionate about it. So on this page you will see any and everything related to this special drink: “Cawfee” (NY represent). I hope you enjoy! .
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Black and White Coffee Roasters
We are so excited to release Gesha Village Honey from @geshavillage. This lot was picked up by us hoping to find it’s way to a competitor. Although this amazing quality coffee did not end up as a competition coffee, we wanted our community to experience this beautiful coffee. So we came up with an idea, “let’s just break even on this coffee and give some amazing coffee to people during these uncertain times.” We hope this coffee bring you joy, excitement, inspiration, community and much more! .
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