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Our Selections

Taste & Flavor

Our Selections

Our Non-Auction Coffee Lots

At Gesha Village, we strive for uncompromising quality in each step of cultivation and processing. Our non-auction lots are intensely floral and fruity—signature elements of all our coffees—and we offer them through several channels and labels.

We meticulously select the coffees offered in our non-auction lots through a rigorous cupping process at our coffee lab in Addis Ababa. Following the official protocols of the Specialty Coffee Association, we evaluate the lots over several rounds of cupping to determine how they will be offered to buyers.

We have a diverse range of coffees with complex flavors from Gesha Village Coffee Estate offered in our various labels, from the extremely high-end and delectable Rarities to the delicately blended Chaka.
Read on for the details on each label.


Representing 10 percent of our total farm production, these exquisite coffees are full of complex flavors, and super rare. The Rarities are the top coffees Gesha Village produces outside of our auction lots, and they are frequently chosen for competition by internationally competing baristas.

Growers Reserve

These special micro-lots, accounting for 15 percent of our production, exhibit superior flavor attributes and excellent cup quality, scoring 88 points or above on the SCA’s 100-point scale.


These lots hail from a single farm area at Gesha Village. We provide full traceability information on each lot number featured in the Single-Terroir line, including the farm block name, coffee variety, and processing dates. Our minimum purchase for Single-Terroir coffees is a full lot, which can range from 20 to 40 bags.


For this line, we blend beautiful coffees from all of the estate’s farm block areas and from the entire production season. Available in natural or washed, coffees in the Chaka line offer a consistently delicious profile year after year. Minimum purchase for Chaka coffees is one container.

Explore the diverse range of flavors our farm produces:


Expressive aromas of honeysuckle and spices Intense flavors of dark chocolate and spices infused with notes of Mexican mole,red fruit, black tea, molasses and black current


Exotic aromas of tea rose, with the profound scent of jasmine. Delicate flavors of peach, apricot, candied fruit, melon, satsuma mandarin supported by a honey sweetness


Soft and perfumed. Jasmine, Damascus rose, strawberry, ripe watermelon, red apple, and delicate spices


Flavors laced with spices, strawberry, ripe peach, papaya, floral, dark chocolate, tamarind, orange, and bergamot


Delicate aromas of jasmine, bergamot, and orange. Deep flavors of dark chocolate, tangerine juice, Bing cherries, molasses, Meyer lemon, berries, with the sweetness of red apple


A tightly knit flavor profile of fruits and spices, intense sweetness of marzipan, lemongrass, hibiscus, infused with floral notes of jasmine, and the sweetness of stone fruit


Honeysuckle, yellow fruit, lime, dark chocolate, peach, apricot, rose, with a clean piquant acidity, and a lingering aftertaste of bergamot


A lively flavor profile of coffee blossom, stone fruit, with a pointed acidity and refreshing citrus aftertaste

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청귤, 파인애플, 포도의 복합적인 향미와 자스민 꽃의 여운
가을의 끝과 겨울의 시작에서 만나는 포근한 향미 
Greentangerine, Pineapple, Grape, jasmine
Meet the scent of comfort from gesha village estate
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  • Naturals! Crop '18/'19
  • Harvest '18/'19
  • Congrats to Alexey on your Brewer's Cup win. Thanks for choosing our coffee!
Repost @alexey_lutsenko
Wow! Last few weeks were more than crazy. We did it. And I’m grateful to so many people helping me to get that.
@alexanderruas and @standoutcoffee - thanks for Gesha Village coffee, ikawa and Jarno. @jarnoperakyla - thanks for everything mate. You are the one! Thanks @mathieu_theis for the good advices before finals. @populus_coffee and @sarihaavisto - you made that waiting time so easy, it looks like we were friends for years!
Thank you @a.lugovsky , @zlolushka and @kavamanagement for friendship, support and EKK43. Thanks to Vitaliy Prymakov for burrs alignment and consultings. Thank you @sca.ukraine and @alena_sereda_coffee for an event and for all judges and volunteers. Thanks to all other competitors, it was not easy. 
Thank you my dear @sasha.lutsenko for your love, understanding, patience and motivation. All my family and friends - the best I could ever have.
Thanks for all kind words, encouragement and support from many people for Boston event. I’ll do my best!
#brewerscup #waytoboston #agitationisnotajokeson #commandwork #teamwork
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