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Look for a complex coffee layered with rich dark chocolate, black cherry and warming spice notes of ginger.

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Tier: These special micro-lots, accounting for 15% of our production, exhibit superior flavor attributes and excellent cup quality, scoring 88 points and above on the SCA’s 100-point scale.

Semi anaerobic natural process: This type of coffee is produced by fermenting freshly harvested cherries in a sub-terrain concrete tank for 108 hours. The coffee is then delivered to raised African beds and dried in the sun as we would in our traditional natural process.

Flavor profile: Black cherry, Dark chocolate, Tropical fruit, Plum, Ginger, Stone fruit, Tart cherry, Floral

Addtional Information

  • 1kg orders are packaged in vacuum sealed bags.
  • 250g orders are packaged in hermetically sealed pouches.
  • Many of the coffees offered on this page are also available as larger lots. If you would like to buy a full export order of one of the coffees on offer, please email us to inquire about availability.
  • Please note that these are green coffees that will need to be roasted before being consumed.

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