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Look for a sweet, syrupy cup layered with stone fruits, white grapes and berries, perfectly complimented with refreshing notes of wildflowers and light mint

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Tier: Representing 10 percent of our total farm production, these exquisite coffees are full of complex flavors, and super rare. The Rarities are the top coffees Gesha Village produces outside of our auction lots, and they are frequently chosen for competition by internationally competing baristas.

Natural process: The coffee beans are dried inside the cherry as the whole coffee fruit. These are then dried on raised African beds under direct sun for approximately 28 days.

Flavor profile: jasmine, berries, tropical fruit, stone fruits, apple, mango, passion fruit, orange, dates, honey, white grapes, mint

Addtional Information

  • 1kg orders are packaged in vacuum sealed bags.
  • 250g orders are packaged in hermetically sealed pouches.
  • Many of the coffees offered on this page are also available as larger lots. If you would like to buy a full export order of one of the coffees on offer, please email us to inquire about availability.
  • Please note that these are green coffees that will need to be roasted before being consumed.