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We are excited to introduce our program offering small quantities of green coffees from Gesha Village Coffee Estate. For coffee companies, home roasters, and others passionate about coffee, this is a unique and exciting way to explore our offerings.

Here’s how it works:

This site features sample-size coffees from our Rarities label—these are micro-lots representing the top 10% of what we grow on the farm. These coffees are in limited supply, so as the harvest season progresses, we will frequently update the site with new inventory.

You can search for coffees by farm area, processing method, and other variables to see the wide range of flavor profiles possible on one farm.

The coffees are housed at our warehouse in Addis Ababa and will be sent via DHL Express, meaning you will receive your order in a manner of days.

Samples are available in two sizes: 250g or 1kg. Please note that the maximum order size is 2.5kg—you can order as many samples as you like as long as your order does not exceed 2.5kg in total.

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