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We Are Here

For sales, farm visits, cupping appointments, and competition lots,
contact us at [email protected].


P.O. Box 101058
Addis Ababa

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청귤, 파인애플, 포도의 복합적인 향미와 자스민 꽃의 여운
가을의 끝과 겨울의 시작에서 만나는 포근한 향미 
Greentangerine, Pineapple, Grape, jasmine
Meet the scent of comfort from gesha village estate
#gesha1931 #geisha #gesha #halloweencoffee #남산동 #할로윈커피 #게샤빌리지#geshavillage
  • Naturals! Crop '18/'19
  • Harvest '18/'19
  • Congrats to Alexey on your Brewer's Cup win. Thanks for choosing our coffee!
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Wow! Last few weeks were more than crazy. We did it. And I’m grateful to so many people helping me to get that.
@alexanderruas and @standoutcoffee - thanks for Gesha Village coffee, ikawa and Jarno. @jarnoperakyla - thanks for everything mate. You are the one! Thanks @mathieu_theis for the good advices before finals. @populus_coffee and @sarihaavisto - you made that waiting time so easy, it looks like we were friends for years!
Thank you @a.lugovsky , @zlolushka and @kavamanagement for friendship, support and EKK43. Thanks to Vitaliy Prymakov for burrs alignment and consultings. Thank you @sca.ukraine and @alena_sereda_coffee for an event and for all judges and volunteers. Thanks to all other competitors, it was not easy. 
Thank you my dear @sasha.lutsenko for your love, understanding, patience and motivation. All my family and friends - the best I could ever have.
Thanks for all kind words, encouragement and support from many people for Boston event. I’ll do my best!
#brewerscup #waytoboston #agitationisnotajokeson #commandwork #teamwork
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  • Shade-drying parchment.
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