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Our Story

A Labor of Love in Pursuit of the Best Coffee

The dense, wildly sprouting jungles of Bench Maji zone are a jewel of unfathomable natural beauty located in the far western reaches of Ethiopia. It’s in this one-of-a-kind landscape that we started Gesha Village Coffee Estate, the 471-hectare coffee farm we have built from the ground up over the last six years. This long journey has been our labor of love, and we’re extremely proud to be producing coffees as awe-inspiring as our surroundings.

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Forest of Dreams

Start a farm. Find the origin of Gesha coffee. Offer stunning coffees from the birthplace of Ethiopian coffee. Each of these dreams is so big, we never imagined them coming together at once. But the Gesha forest taught us to think bigger. Gesha Village Coffee Estate is the culmination of our dreams.

The Meanit people of Ethiopia are the inhabitants and protectors of Gesha.

Taste & Flavor

A Diverse Range of Complex Coffees

All of the coffees grown at Gesha Village are of exquisite quality, and we offer them in a broad assortment of channels and labels. You’re sure to find one-of-a-kind coffees that are intensely fruity and floral.

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Sales & Product Inquiries

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The Village

Processed With Care

We bring out the utmost quality in our cherries through our carefully executed processing methods.


Exploring Gesha

Plantation Facts



Hectares Total Farm Area


Hectares Planted with coffee


Total Number of Trees


Preservation Area


Committed to Our Land and Our People

From our goal to be the most environmentally conscious coffee farm in Ethiopia to our strong relationship with the local indigenous people who make up much of our workforce and beyond, we are devoted to fostering sustainability at our farm and in our community.

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Offering Our Very Finest Lots

We offer the top lots from Gesha Village every year in our annual auction. You can view our 2018 auction results and more information on our auctions here.

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Contact Us

P.O. Box 101058
Addis Ababa

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Czech Republic
Meet the 2020 Czech Rep. barista champion Mr. @barista_vojtaruzicka from @theroses_beer_coffee .
Vojta was trained for this competition by @delichristos and he used @geshavillage coffee for all his winning beverages roasted from @the_underdog_project roaster!! So far, in this years World Barista Championship, the barista champions from Austria, Czech Rep. and Portugal will be trained by our trainers and will be using The Underdog competition coffees selection! 
Melbourne here we come..
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時計のない喫茶店 .
New coffee arrival

″Ethiopia -  Lot GVA.INV.4 :  Carbonic Maceration Honey″


様々な個性を持ったコーヒーをお楽しみください !

Pursue elegant coffee every day by adding theories to your senses
  • Our entry for the first Cup of Excellence in Ethiopia! As harvest is very late this year, this selection was made from the first 18 lots of the season. In total, our farm will produce 120 lots this year.
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Coffee AMP the Roaster
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We're so excited to serve you our very own gesha village ❤❤🔥🔥🔥 Pls follow us for more updates!
Come visit us we are open daily ☕
For more information about our coffee beans please visit us ☕
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Upcoming Events

Check out the latest events around the world featuring Gesha Village coffees.

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